By Maximilian Clarke

Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL), currently marking its 125th anniversary, has just completed a major revamp of its website to better display the variety of content and depth of intellectual capital the firm holds around the future of innovation management.

“As part of our broader strategic approach to communications, this positions us well for the new era in which engagement and interaction with various stakeholders becomes ever more important,” said Marion Sommerwerck, Global Director of Marketing and Communications, Arthur D. Little. “We’ve consciously moved away from the notion of a website as a company brochure to showcase the full range of our expertise as we have seen a major shift in target groups and the way they need to be approached in the digital world that we cater to.”

Modelled on the classic news portals, the site’s layout has been explicitly designed to communicate to visitors which sections are most relevant for their needs. The main concept of the site is to provide an info-portal through which visitors can access the full range of Arthur D. Little’s content across a number of devices and channels.

The new-look website acts as a social media platform for Arthur D. Little and is part of the wider communication strategy the company has decided to follow; giving users easy access to the Arthur D. Little Twitter and Facebook Pages.

The site now also features an enhanced HR-section allowing potential employees to find out about the firm, its work culture and career opportunities. Marie Jerusalem, Global Director Human Resources says: “Applicants today take a careful look at the company and its website prior to applying and the new site covers everything someone interested in joining us needs to know.”

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