By Ben Simmons

AMD (NYSE: AMD) was today named by Corporate Knights to its inaugural list of the S&P 500 Clean Capitalism Ranking, placing among the top twenty companies to be recognized.

Corporate Knights, which defines “clean capitalism” as “responsible, resource-productive and socially just”, employs a transparent, quantitative methodology to compile its ranking, evaluating factors such as energy and carbon productivity, leadership diversity and employee turnover.

“By combining a strong set of quantitative metrics with transparent, best-in-class research, Corporate Knights is providing a valuable tool to help key stakeholders decide which companies are truly committed to corporate responsibility,” said Allyson Peerman, corporate vice president, AMD Public Affairs. “AMD’s worldwide stakeholders should celebrate not only this prestigious recognition, but also their commitment to a company that walks the talk.”

AMD was also recognized recently by Trust Across America, a think tank dedicated to promoting and recognizing trustworthy business behavior, as one of the Top Ten Most Trustworthy Public Companies for 2011. The Trust Across America study independently analyzed over 200 data points with respect to five key corporate indicators of trustworthy business behavior: financial stability and strength, accounting conservativeness, corporate integrity, transparency, and sustainability. According to its founders, the framework, initially conceived and developed in 2008 with a group of academics, corporate leaders and consultants, is "the most holistic and comprehensive trust 'health' checkup for public companies.”

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