By Max Clarke

Domain is in demand following sale announcement
The premium domain name has received a huge amount of interest since the owners announced it would be going on sale last week. The domain went on the market last week and is expected to sell for a sizeable amount of money.

The premium domain name has received a huge amount of interest since it went up for sale last week. The domain name has attracted many different buyers, each with varying ideas as to how they would like to use the site for their company’s benefit. has been put up for sale following the success of the premium domain name, which went on the market last year and eventually sold for $13m. The site was sold to Clover Holdings Ltd at the end of 2010 and was registered by Gary Kremen, the entrepreneur behind

The domain name was bought in 1996 and only came on the market for sale last week. It had been suggested by its current owner that the prominent domain could be used for a variety of sectors, including sex, relationships or a humour website.

Premium domains such as this can help to strengthen a brand, a point that is highlighted by the huge level of interest received. It has become obvious that this kind of domain name could bring huge financial rewards to the eventual buyer, particularly as the sex industry is worth £1billion in the UK alone.

A spokesperson from commented on the interest received so far:

“The level of interest we have had since announcing the sale of has been astounding and, from our perspective, couldn’t have gone better. The news that the domain name was up for sale was well received within the industry, and the continual traffic to the webpage has proved it’s likely to be a hit.”

He continued:

“Several well known businesses and entrepreneurs have enquired about, all making some very generous offers on the domain.

“I believe that many businesses are realising how much a good domain name can help with the success of their business. Seeing what the eventual buyer does with the site will be very interesting indeed.”