By Maximilian Clarke

Huawei are heralding a revolution in cloud computing following the introduction of a host of new, efficient data centres.

The Chinese telecoms giant introduced the Green Modular Data Centres today (Tuesday), in order to meet the ever growing data usage needed by increased device ownership and an increase in the number of data hungry cloud apps.

“This new generation will help customers reduce the cost of operation by more than 30 percent, ushering in a new era in cloud computing," said Hou Jinlong Hou Jinlong, president of Huawei's energy and infrastructure product line.

Traditional data centers often fail to improve energy efficiency, expand flexibly as a business grows, and implement intelligent system management processes. The next-generation intelligent data-center solution (IDS) series help customers realise on-demand access to IT resources and conduct business operations efficiently. The series allows customers to avoid high capital expenditure and operating expenses caused by increased power consumption.

The IDS2000 uses advanced cooling technology, including the separation of cold and hot air pipes, precise air supply, and outdoor cooling sources, to ensure a power usage effectiveness (PUE) value of less than 1.2. It features Huawei's iFOS intelligent management system, constructed based on a visible expert system, which dynamically adjusts the power supply and cooling capacity based on the workload of the cloud platform, realising intelligent and interlocked management and refined operations of IT equipment and equipment room infrastructure. It is suitable for the modularized construction and expansion of medium and large data centers.

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