You may think that issuing payment cards (credit, debit cards, etc.) is something that only banks do. But this is far from being the case. 

Card issuance and its supporting technology is one of the most active and innovative areas in finance and thousands of companies around the world reap many benefits from setting up their own card programmes. Some of these are giant corporations with household names (like McDonald’s) and some are innovative start-ups (like. PollenPay). Most are somewhere in-between. 

In this paper, our partner Lerex Technology will explain 16 ways in which financial and non-financial companies, early-stage companies and established behemoths, can all benefit from having their own payment card programme. 

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The importance of Minimum Viable Product

We’ve also partnered with Lerex Technology to bring you a free webinar on Wednesday 8th December.  

Richard Ney, CEO of Lerex Technology, will be discussing some of the numerous ways in which prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs) can help a start-up to save time, accelerate their growth and to reduce risks in the business – beyond the MVP’s traditional use.

You can register for the webinar here.

Supporting documents

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