Who has seen Deadpool? It’s great, right!? Unlike any other superhero film. And it’s marketing more than stepped up to the plate.

Deadpool was given a budget of $58 million. That’s all… for everything! The first of the Iron Man franchise had a budget of $140m. On its opening weekend Deadpool raked in a staggering $130m vs Iron Man’s $98m. Deadpool made 124% of its budget on the opening weekend alone. Iron Man didn’t break even.

So what made the difference here? With all the odds apparently stacked against this movie from being a success; doubt from Fox studio higher ups, a relatively small investment, a smaller potential audience due to its ‘R’ rating, and a target audience more commonly linked with streaming and illegal downloads.

The answer: Ryan Reynolds is a hilarious, appealing, likeable guy. The script was great, the casting was great. But above all, Deadpool’s marketing is what sets it aside just about about any film in history.

You couldn’t spend two seconds on social media, the internet, reading a magazine, watching TV, watching YouTube, walking down the street or even on Tinder without seeing Ryan Reynolds in that skintight red suit. And that’s just what the marketing team behind Deadpool were going for – all out marketing warfare so everyone knew about the movie. 

Plenty of marketing departments have gone all out to make sure their movie is in your face everywhere you turn. But Deadpool did it differently, it thought differently. Everything was on the Deadpool brand. And that made it so much more engaging. Herein lies the genius of the Deadpool campaign. Every single tiny piece of content put out there was creative, engaging and perfectly in-sync with the character. They Deadpooled everything.

Check out this poster:

Deadpool poster

It was quite controversial. Plenty of people criticised the whole ‘gun, crotch, load’ gag, but THAT’S DEADPOOL and that’s the point. It’s not just a movie poster. It encapsulates the film and the character. They even created and promoted a Tinder account for Deadpool. No one has ever marketed a movie like this before.

Deadpool Tinder

Billboards… Deadpooled


Social media… Deadpooled


Even emojis… Deadpooled

Deadpool emojis

YouTube… Deadpooled

Talk shows… Deadpooled

So here’s to the real superheroes; the Deadpool marketers. They may not carry guns and fight crime in provocative outfits but without them, this film wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful.



By Henry Mackenzie, Fresh Business Thinking