Founder & CEO, Eggcelerate


Stefano_M_TBS2015_Digital_Use LANDSCAPE

Action- and delivery-focused “efficiency geek” with an entrepreneurial spirit, able to link thoughts and actions, can anticipate and manage the tornado caused in operations by a butterfly flapping its wings in sales. Aware of the boundary between disciplined operations and bureaucracy, can work “one level up and two down” if needed with no fear of getting his hands dirty.

Stefano has a background in the ICT industry, where he pioneered the SaaS model. He decided a few years ago to follow his passion of helping small B2B tech businesses succeed with their challenges in productive and profitable ways. He founded Eggcelerate to help CEOs of established Small Businesses achieve focus and sustainable growth and bring their business back on track while avoiding the cost and hassles of the traditional consulting approach.

Region: London & East of England