Consultant Workplace Health and Wellbeing Advisor (formerly of B Braun)

Sam Langford

Sam is passionate about workplace wellbeing, she has worked with B Braun, and twenty years in civil service, including 10 as a Crime Scene Investigator. Having recently completed the Masters in Workplace Health and Wellbeing, she is excited to bring her experience and knowledge to other companies.

Sam launched the B. Healthy, B. Well, B. Braun health and wellbeing strategy in her time there, which aimed to create a holistic and intrinsic approach to workplace wellbeing, covering all facets of health and wellbeing. By empowering individuals to identify and understand what health and wellbeing means to them, and training managers to support the wellbeing of their teams, while also creating an organisational culture attuned to wellbeing, the strategy aims to fully embed health and wellbeing so that it is a part of all organisational processes, rather than a standalone programme.

Sam also coordinates a network of mental health first aiders, and is a trained Trauma Risk Management manager; building on her professional and personal experience of death and bereavement, as part of her role as Health and Wellbeing Advisor, she helps colleagues and managers to approach bereavement and grief with compassion.

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