Laura Fullerton

Laura Fullerton is a serial entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of Monk, a health tech start-up that’s taking the vast health benefits of cold water therapy to the masses. Dubbed “The Peloton of the recovery world”, Monk is launching the world’s first smart ice bath and cold water therapy app, which combines data-driven tech and beautiful design.As someone who’s always “hated being cold” Laura’s passionate about helping people to take control of their mental, physical, and emotional health with cold water therapy. She’s also the host of the Submerge by Monk podcast, which showcases extraordinary humans who’ve found a better way to live – covering topics such as elite performance, mental health and psychedelics, breathwork for performance, and so much more.As a biohacker, Laura’s lifestyle combined cutting-edge health tech with holistic practices, and she’s been featured in Men’s Fitness, Vogue, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, and more.

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