By Max Clarke

The world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, has announced it intention to open a 70 hectare offshore turbine manufacturing plant by Sheerness Port in Kent.

The move by the Danish company will directly and indirectly lead to the creation of some 2000 jobs.

“We have shown our intentions to make major investments and subsequent job creation,” said Anders Søe-Jensen, President of Vestas Offshore A/S, before cautioning, “but it is evident that we don’t just jump head first into an investment of this size. We need to make sure it makes sense business wise.”

The UK represents the world’s largest offshore wind market and as such has a massive offshore project potential, with UK Round 3 projects alone accounting for 32GW of production.

Vestas will cooperate with the UK government and offshore wind stakeholders to turn this potential into operational offshore wind farms, thereby ensuring sustainable energy for the UK.

The port option means that Vestas (OMX: VWS) has secured exclusive rights to land, giving the firm the possibility in the future to invest in and build a fully integrated wind turbine manufacturing and installation facility. The option on the land lasts for approximately one year with possibility to extend another 12 months.

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