By Andy Moore, Athlete Career Transition

Life after sport can be challenging for many athletes, however having options and working with the right people can open so many doors once the final whistle has been blown.

Matthew Hoggard MBE, is one of the most successful international cricketers to have played for England and last year, the 6ft 2 Yorkshire man found himself looking for an alternate career after he retired from his sport at the age of 36.

Now a Business Development Manager for OSTC FX Matthew is embarking on a new career that is both challenging and exciting. OSTC FX help high net-worth individuals and corporates with their foreign currency exposure. They help with cash flow, have meetings with Financial Directors and they support and suggest strategies that will help manage businesses currency exposure.

OSTC FX have worked with ACT Pathway for just over a year and have worked with several athletes including Huw Bennett and Dafydd James through our partnership. “We find the whole process works very well” says Paul Langley, Head of Development at OSTC FX.

29 Years Left Until the ‘Real World’ Retirement Age

Often, as it is for many athletes, they are aware that they will be working after their sporting career ends but as is the case for most, it is knowing where they will find themselves that is the issue.

Matthew told us that he knew he would be doing something but just wasn't sure what it would be. With 29 years still left until the ‘real world’ retirement age, he wanted to enter into a company that had great vision, strong teamwork foundations and ethos and it is fair to say that he has well and truly found that within OSTC FX. Matthew recently told us that “to get onto the ladder halfway up rather than at the bottom was fantastic!” and he puts that down to working with us at ACT.

Not wanting to blow our own trumpet, but when asked about the support given from ACT Pathway and OSTC FX Matthew described the experience as “absolutely amazing!” He praised the 3 way partnership with him, ourselves and OSTC FX “because they (us & OSTC FX) understand that “I am obviously not a finished article and they have given me a bit of leeway.”

Paul Langley, Head of Development at OSTC FX and Matthews' mentor within OSTC FX says that their partnership with ACT and the support and knowledge given “helps to build upon the athletes existing profiles and reputations from their sporting career and then we can assist and coach them until they feel comfortable to be out their selling on their own”.

How a Successful Transition from Sport to Business Should Be

The pathway experienced by Matthew is a prime example of how a successful transition from sport to business should be. Although on the pitch many athletes look calm, cool and collected, behind the scenes, post-retirement it can be quite the opposite.

When asked how Matthew felt about the transition he explained that “you eat, sleep and drink your sport and you can perform under pressure with millions of people watching as that is what you are accustomed to”. Within his new role the confidence and training from cricket goes out the window and it doesn't mean anything. “You have to start again and start to learn that you do have transferable skills that can be utilised” he says.

Sportsmen Learn Quickly

Matthew says that “the best thing is that sportsmen learn quickly” which is one of the traits that has helped him and the other athletes we work with, with their transition. He realised through the help of ACT Pathway that the skills formed through sport were valuable in business.

By merging the needs of OSTC FX and assessing Matthew's requirements and transferable skills we were able to create a mutually positive match for all parties.

This is one of many of the reasons as to why we love doing what we do. Our selected partners are able to provide the business skills and experience the athlete will need in his future career and the business also benefits, from the qualities which have taken the athlete to the top of his or her particular field.

About The Author

Andy Moore is director & co-founder of Athlete Career Transition.

Andy experienced the transition from captain of the Wales rugby team to CEO of a public company the hard way. A trip climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with 14 other former Welsh captains was the inspiration to establishing ACT, with the ultimate goal of helping other athletes make the transition from sport to business.

Andy enjoyed 10 years as a professional rugby player and now leverages almost a decade of experience in business to create real long term value to organisations by matching and integrating elite athletes into top businesses.