By Mike Walker, Managing Director of MGN events,

We are definitely seeing an element of fun returning to the corporate away day as clients see the benefits of giving employees a pat on the back as well as taking time for the more serious business of helping them to engage with a company’s aims and values.

Here are my top five tips for managers considering organising an away day for staff:

• Set objectives for the event well in advance and plan activities that help to achieve these.

• Make sure you find and book your venue well in advance and that it is suitable for the numbers of people you need to cater for and has the right facilities for the activities you are planning to organise e.g. inside, outside or both!

• Keep the itinerary interesting and fun so that employees are engaged. Give them a range of activities that grab their interest and build in rewards.

• Someone needs to take ownership of the event and ensure it runs smoothly. Make sure you have one person who is in charge to ensure that staff understand what they should be doing at each stage of the event, it’s always useful to get the help of events experts where possible.

• Don’t lose the ability to measure the return on the objectives from the day. Make sure there is proper feedback and evaluation.