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    The Importance Of Your Business Focus - Vari-FOCUS


    If one merely focuses on the long-term, nothing seems to get done and idle daydreaming can become the order of the day, living in the future, but missing what s happening right now. Conversely, if we focus only on the short term, without regard for the longer term objectives, ...

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    Being The Best You Can In Business


    There are many people who have set out to be the best in their respective fields, yet we see so many fall short of their goal because they are not prepared to go that extra mile. Lara Morgan, however, cannot be accused of this.

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    The M-A-R-S Formula


    Success is about habits. Many successful people find it difficult to put into words what they are doing which makes them successful. They don t see themselves as putting any extra effort in, or summoning up huge reserves of motivation and energy, or being particularly clever.

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    Alastair Campbell Raises Issue Of Women In Leadership


    The role of women in business may be growing, so why are we so short of exceptional female role models?

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    Promoting Excellence & Ethics In Coaching


    Dr Ho Law, is an international practitioner in psychology, coaching, mentoring and psychotherapy, and contributing author to the Association for Coaching s book: Diversity in Coaching - Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age. Here he examines how coaching psychology can help Alpha females become champions in leadership and ...

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    Catching A Coach Part 2 – Coaching Solutions


    Who do you think might benefit the most from an opportunity for Executive Coaching? Would it be just for those who show promising career potential, do you think, or could there be others? And although coaching has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years, is this the ...

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    Catching A Coach- Part 1 - Who Needs Coaching?


    Who do you think might benefit the most from an opportunity for Executive Coaching? Would it be just for those who show promising career potential, do you think, or could there be others? And although coaching has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years, is this the ...

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    Can Coaching Deliver Better Leaders In Tough Times?


    As Chancellor Alastair Darling spelt on in yesterday s budget, the UK is facing with record levels of debt. And, although there were reports earlier this year that we are officially out of recession, it certainly doesn t feel like it for the majority of businesses. With job losses, cut ...

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    Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace: Interview with Jackie Arnold


    Jackie Arnold, author of Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace, talks about the key skills needed to coach your employees.

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    How To Waste As Much Money As Possible On Coaching


    and then, how to get it right first time Organisations spend millions of pounds each year on management training and in particular, executive coaching, but is it really having an effect on improving individual performance or could it simply be a complete waste of money?

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    Coaching At The Top For SMEs


    An innovative programme in the North East has highlighted the value of management development for the SME community, with the aim of developing leadership capacity within the region.

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    Alpha Females


    Alpha females play special roles in the gender hierarchy and have specific strengths and problems. Coaching intervention could help them develop and sustain their leadership positions, having broken through the ‘glass ceiling’.

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    Coaching: Leadership In Coaching From The RFU


    Coaching tips from the English Rugby Football Union. These are about sport but the principles may apply more generally.

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    Coaching – What Has It Done For Us?


    These days it seems every mother's son is a coach, and this reflects the huge growth in the acceptance of coaching in business. However there is always a certain level of resistance both from the "What will I/we get for our money?" and "What good will it do me ...

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    Why The Need For A Coach - Silent Weapon...?


    So, a New Year, new plans, new goals, ambitious growth targets, new team structure You re a great executive, respected, sharp, strong, never undermined, fair However, you have a feeling that something isn t quite as effective and efficient as it could be. Something is missing and if you ...

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    Mentoring, Coaching and Counselling - The Difference


    A lawyer friend of mine was invited on a jolly as he described it, in Cambridge, a marquee on the riverbank, champagne on tap, canapés, strawberries and cream on a balmy afternoon. That was the perception or expectation in my friend s head at any rate!

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    Leverage – Getting Results By Coaching Your Team


    Ever heard anyone say - I never ask my people to do anything that I couldn t do myself? They ve obviously never heard about leverage. Would you only use a crane to lift weights that you could lift yourself or load a lorry only with what ...

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    What Is The Real Value Of Coaching?


    By Carole Gaskell It’s 10 years since Coaching entered the corporate arena as a developmental tool. Initially viewed as a fad, it is now recognised as a fundamental aspect of leadership. Coaching, which is essentially about getting the best out of someone, inspires and empowers individuals and organisations to unlock ...

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    How To Find Your Coach


    By Carole Gaskell Coaching is one of the most powerful ways of working with an individual or a group, to raise their game and elicit their highest potential. A successful coach will support and challenge individuals to have a greater perspective, focus and clarity and will help to generate fundamental ...

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    How To Choose A Coaching Firm


    Coaching is a potentially valuable tool for any organisation looking to stimulate change whether in individuals or company-wide.