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  • thomasfebone

    Perception vs Reality – What am I really like to work with?


    Do you have a clear perception of your behaviour? Do you acknowledge and understand your strengths and areas for development? Do you know how your behaviour impacts your colleagues? Are you aware of your colleagues’ perception of you? If you can answer those questions with a ‘yes’, then chances are ...

  • thomas-2

    The secret of employee reward strategies


    “Money can't buy happiness” – a much debated quote that we hear often. When it comes to employee engagement, this phrase often rings true for many employees. Reward programmes are an essential component of an effective employee engagement strategy, but they involve far more than just financial reward. Organisations have ...

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    Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose – Your employee engagement strategy


    Improving employee engagement is an enduring topic within the business world. When people flourish, so do the organisations they work for, making an effective employee engagement strategy essential. Conversely, demotivated employees can hold businesses back. When people lack motivation, they are unlikely to do their best work, are less productive ...

  • job-hopper

    Job hoppers – should you hire them?


    There used to be a time when people came out of school, got a job and stayed with the company for the next 40-odd years, getting a cake and a gold watch before hanging up their hats and enjoying their (in many cases) meager pension. It was called loyalty and ...

  • red-phone-help

    Knowing when to ask for help


    Ever met a company which called in consultants and still talks well of them now? Me neither. Well, that’s not quite true. There are good people out there who’ve done really good stuff that has really helped. A few years ago, a guy I know well went to a ...

  • Roger-Federer

    The 5 Things Roger Federer Tells us About Coaching for Performance


    Federer. There is little doubt that he is seen as one of the great tennis players, perhaps the greatest thus far…and impressive across all sports.

  • doors - Career Decision

    Using ‘Peak Moments’ to Make the Right Career Decision


    Everyone has a memory that they will always remember for being a particularly joyous or exhilarating moment in their lives. When the going gets tough, it helps to look back on such moments to remind ourselves how capable we are of achieving great things.

  • coaching and mentoring

    Coaching and Mentoring: The Keys to Successful Career Development


    When it comes to driving forward organisational growth, you must have the ability to tap into the potential of your staff. Organisations that perform the best are those that continually evolve and create, adapting to the needs of the now.

  • Standing at the top of a building

    11 Fears That Are Holding You Back


    It’s been said that FEAR stands for “Forget Everything And Run.” It’s that uncomfortable, disconcerting feeling that causes us to take a back seat in our own life and prevents us from proactively moving forward to reach our goals and aspirations. 

  • Feature

    Risky Business: 6 Tips Helping Professionals Take Leaps of Faith


    As a former Marine, cancer survivor and highly successful serial entrepreneur, I've learned a thing or two about risk. If you're happy languishing in a gelatinous pool of indifference and stagnation then, by all means, keep doing what you're doing. If you're ready to take a leap and change things ...

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    True Engagement In The Workplace


    Most business will go through times when some staff are less than fully engaged. It could be after the summer holidays, starting back in January or maybe when a colleague has moved on or a client has been lost. This drop in motivation and engagement isn t always long-lasting and ...

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    What are the rules? What every small business needs to know about Work Experience and Unpaid Internships


    Andrew Sumner, Managing Director of which became the first UK jobsite to exclude unpaid internships from their site advises SMEs on how to ensure a positive experience for both employer and employee.

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    How to Focus on Your Key Priorities


    Nothing comes close to the heart of general productivity like doing the things you really want to do, doing them efficiently and getting the desired results. However, as time passes, we often accumulate activities that, while not necessarily ones we can drop, certainly don t seem to attract high ...

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    Athlete Career Transition: A Solution for a Problem I Faced


    In the real world , retirement may be a joyous welcome break from the shackles of the workplace. However with sport, retirement does not bring old age and slippers, but instead another thirty or so years until the real world retirement age and pressure to transition into ...

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    The Confidence Trickster – Behind the Confidence Veneer


    Being promoted to a new leadership level is both an exciting and a risky moment for any leader. The additional responsibility, the delivery expectation and often finding themselves in a new relational matrix frequently puts the new leader well outside their comfort zone. In their keenness and anxiety to ...

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    Leaders of Tomorrow – Evolve Your Minds


    I have always been intrigued by what it is that makes a successful leader. My search for answers led me to business schools, various executive training programs, onto a PhD program, into boardrooms, on a fair share of mindfulness and meditation courses, and to the top of Mount Everest.

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    Life after Sport: Matthew Hoggard


    Life after sport can be challenging for many athletes, however having options and working with the right people can open so many doors once the final whistle has been blown.

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    The One Thing That Trumps Drive When It Comes To Business Success


    No matter how much drive you have there is one thing that will always beat it when it comes to business success. Business is like sport: the most successful players love the game. Successful business leaders, if they love what they do, will always go the extra ...

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    Motivating The Selfie Generation


    What motivates the millennials? The generation that grew up alongside Facebook, Harry Potter and Britney Spears now makes up a third of the workforce and will account for 50% of it by the end of the decade. As such, the corporate world shaped by previous generations is quickly ...

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    Businesses Need to Weigh in on Youth Unemployment


    It s worrying to see that, despite a nominal decline in numbers shown in last fortnight s ONS report, a fifth of British 16-24 year olds almost a million remain out of work, study or training. Meanwhile, Sir Ian Wood s analysis of youth unemployment in ...