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  • The job market is picking up pace but the end of the furlough scheme could spell disaster

    Businesses prepare for a “bloodbath of redundancies” when furlough support starts to reduce


    Hot on the heels of the Prime Minister’s announcement that lockdown restrictions will continue for a further four weeks into July, new Office for National Statistics (ONS) data reveals that the jobs market is showing signs of recovery…but for how long? Small business owners across the UK aren’t optimistic. Here’s why.

  • work personalities

    Upholder, Obliger, Questioner or Rebel? What your 'type' reveals about your WFH style


    It’s been a year since we first set up our home offices. Four different tendencies dictate how seamless that transition was. Find out which one you are now and what you need to do to optimise your work from home lifestyle. 

  • Business woman

    A new awards programme aims to break down barriers for women in business


    The Great British Businesswoman Series aims to tackle the real issues and barriers holding women in business back. Nominations are now open.

  • Support staff through menopause

    How to support your employees through menopause


    Menopause still remains a workplace taboo, and could be doing more harm than good. Here’s how employers can support staff through menopause.  

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    International Women’s Day: Purpose over profit


    How to secure gender equality in the workplace is a debate that has raged for decades. And in more recent years with some, although insufficient, progress being made for employees, a new debate has blossomed in the entrepreneurship space. How do we reach gender equality among the people creating and growing businesses?

  • David Solomon Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs boss urges ‘extra mile’ despite wellbeing concerns


    The chief executive of Goldman Sachs has urged staff to continue going the “extra mile” despite claims of an “inhumane” and “abusive” culture that surfaced last week.

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    People at the heart of your business


    In this session, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards sat down with founder and CEO of Mintago and co-founder and former CMO of Perkbox, Chieu Cao.

  • Kate Methuen-Ley - FBT

    Scaling effectively: The art of letting go


    As the leader of your business, you need to give yourself space to have a clear vision and a clear route to your goal. Knowing when, what and how to outsource the tasks that aren’t the best use of your time can be daunting.

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    How to be an emotionally intelligent boss in a virtual world


    Some of us can still remember that leaders would be told to “walk the floor” and “read the room”, to be present and to be seen and to be available to our staff. Wise counsel in the workplace. But how do SME bosses display emotional intelligence in a virtual world?

  • Peter Kelly - FBT

    Could you make a 4-day week work?


    Earlier this year, Peter made the decision for him and his team to switch to a four-day working week. Find out how it affected his business.

  • business performance

    Businesses risk post-pandemic performance drop off


    A shift in priorities during the Covid-19 crisis has forced businesses to lose focus on performance and longer-term people strategy. That’s according to new research from Personio, the all-in-one HR software solution, which highlights the potential risk of a performance shortfall in the near future.

  • Jeff Bezos

    5,449,920 search for Jeff Bezos’s net worth


    Latona’s, a U.S. Mergers and Acquisitions broker has analysed and combined Google search volume data with net worth statistics, to find out whose net worth is searched for the most, and the actual wealth of these multimillionaires.

  • supporting colleagues

    Workers reaching out and supporting colleagues during a period of unprecedented disruption


    UK job board Totaljobs has published its latest research examining the shifting emotional behaviours of UK workers during the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak.

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    Key competencies for general sales effectiveness


    Working in a sales role can be both rewarding and challenging. It’s a fast moving environment with great development opportunities and you will meet lots of new and different people as you travel. It’s a high pressured role where you will face rejection, need strong self-management skills and your earning ...

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    Top 5 tips for an effective annual performance appraisal


    A recent report from i4CP found that approximately 52% of all companies actually conduct annual performance appraisals (APA), with only 55% of employees feeling as though performance appraisals are effective. It is clear that organisations are way off the mark so with this in mind, how can you implement and ...

  • thomasfebone

    Perception vs Reality – What am I really like to work with?


    Do you have a clear perception of your behaviour? Do you acknowledge and understand your strengths and areas for development? Do you know how your behaviour impacts your colleagues? Are you aware of your colleagues’ perception of you? If you can answer those questions with a ‘yes’, then chances are ...

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    The secret of employee reward strategies


    “Money can't buy happiness” – a much debated quote that we hear often. When it comes to employee engagement, this phrase often rings true for many employees. Reward programmes are an essential component of an effective employee engagement strategy, but they involve far more than just financial reward. Organisations have ...

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    Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose – Your employee engagement strategy


    Improving employee engagement is an enduring topic within the business world. When people flourish, so do the organisations they work for, making an effective employee engagement strategy essential. Conversely, demotivated employees can hold businesses back. When people lack motivation, they are unlikely to do their best work, are less productive ...

  • job-hopper

    Job hoppers – should you hire them?


    There used to be a time when people came out of school, got a job and stayed with the company for the next 40-odd years, getting a cake and a gold watch before hanging up their hats and enjoying their (in many cases) meager pension. It was called loyalty and ...

  • red-phone-help

    Knowing when to ask for help


    Ever met a company which called in consultants and still talks well of them now? Me neither. Well, that’s not quite true. There are good people out there who’ve done really good stuff that has really helped. A few years ago, a guy I know well went to a ...