The majority of feedback collated is anonymous, which really helps to encourage truly open and honest feedback. The final report can then be used constructively within 1:1 appraisal sessions, to establish tailored personal development plans that benefit both the individual and the organisation.

What outcomes can I expect to see?

Businesses will implement 360 programmes for a variety of reasons (for example, to address issues of underperformance or to standardise their appraisal systems) but the potential benefits are universal.

Benefits to individuals:

  • Deeper understanding of their strengths and development areas
  • Improved self-awareness and relationship management
  • Greater support in developing long term goals
  • Increased motivation – employees will work harder if they feel valued
Benefits to the organisation:
  • Stronger employee engagement – helping to build open and honest dialogues across the organisation
  • Improved employee retention – organisations that develop their people will keep them longer
  • Greater insight into the effectiveness of training and development programmes
  • Access to data to allow performance benchmarking
  • Tighter control over under-performance
Ciaran Morton, UK MD of Thomas International