Diversity and Inclusion is at the forefront of so many conversations today - as it should be. With businesses educating themselves on how they can be more inclusive, events and productions ensuring their lineups are diverse, and people learning how to be better allies to their peers.

Ideas Fest Debate Mate

Diversity and Inclusion is a huge topic, and covers a massive range of people, including people of different races, religions, disabilities, social backgrounds etc - and it’s not something that should only be considered in the workplace, or as a ‘tick box exercise’. Being inclusive and understanding diversity is something that should be the norm for everyone, in every circumstance.

So, where does this teaching begin?

Did you know that children learn quicker and more effectively than adults do? - This is because children have more neurons actively creating new connections than adults do, so they can do things like learning to play a sport or memorising the multiplication tables or learning to fix something much more easily than adults can. So it’s much better for you to expose your children to lots of different things - repeatedly, ideally - to allow those connections to be formed, rather than trying to catch up later.

This is why there is so much importance placed on childhood education, as it plays a key role in the development of the child. Yet, education doesn’t stop at school - though it may take longer to learn as an adult, you still have opportunity to continue your education - and when it comes to diversity and inclusion, it is a continual learning process.

Debate Mate took the Brand Advance stage at Ideas Fest to discuss whether education is the primary engine for creating a more diverse and inclusive world - discussing young education, to learning from day to day happenings.

Debate Mate is powering social change through world class communication training. Debate Mate aims to tackle educational disadvantage in some of Britain’s most deprived communities.

Discussing how education is they key to learning making a more diverse and inclusive world, one of the Debate Mate speakers says, ““Education doesn’t stop at school - it’s at the core of everything we do. It helps us know how to better interact with, access and understand the world, and everyone in it. If we don’t access the diverse world we miss out on learning core things. Taking time to understand and learn from diverse people and situations allows us to share these experiences and continue to educate ourselves and others.”

“Were not just talking about formal education at school, education is lifelong. Education is the primary engine for creating a more diverse and inclusive world and having and understanding and safe space where everyone can express feelings and communicate is the key to diversity.”

Ultimately, the world is full of diversity, and immeersing yourself into the world of diversity is they key to being educated on diversity and inclusion - on top of education from a young age.