Ideas Fest is coming to Wickham this August, where we will be hosting a number of inspiring disruptors, leaders, change-makers and founders for 2 days of conversations, ideas and entertainment.

CSI Cop announcement

We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with CSI-COP, who will be joining us to discuss the importance of responsible businesses today, and how we can do better to create lasting relationships with customers through privacy.

Coventry University’s EU Horizon2020 funded international project ‘CSI-COP’ - which aims to raise awareness of data protection rights, whilst nurturing citizen science pro-privacy champions - supports the Ideas Fest’s mission to forge responsible business in a changing world. 

The CSI-COP involves citizen scientists to co-investigate the extent of online tracking by exploring cookies on websites and apps on mobile devices - in order to create better privacy for people online. 

Dr. Huma Shah, Assistant Professor, Coventry University said, “Ideas Fest is a fantastic opportunity for CSI-COP to explain simply “who is looking at your browsing data?“, whilst showing how businesses can gain more trust with their customers through a privacy-by-design approach protecting everyone’s data.”

Visit the CSI-COP team at Ideas Fest to discover a free online educational course to enhance your ability to protect your online data privacy. So get your tickets today and join us this August at Ideas Fest.