Emma Sayle, serial entrepreneur, women’s advocate, and founder of The KK Group discusses the importance of empowering women in business, and all things Ideas Fest. 

Killing Kittens

Emma Sayle is one of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs who made her name after launching the global female empowerment brand Killing Kittens in 2005. Killing Kittens has now incorporated into The KK Group with over 150,000 members having launched events across the US, Australia and Europe and has grown online into an online community network with empowering women at its core.

Named a leader at the cutting edge of the new dawn of female liberation by many, Emma is a true change maker, leading the fight for women in today’s society. Emma’s work has been noticed by many and was recently featured in Business Leaders 2019 top 30 inspirational UK entrepreneurs and has been recognised by other awards and media setups including Great Entrepreneur awards 2019 Finalist, Top 10 women entrepreneurs Game Changer Magazine 2019 and 2020 Inside Out leaders board role model

June 2019 saw her launch Sistr, a networking and community app for professional women from all industries to connect both on and offline. Whatever Emma sets her mind to is always in the interest of empowering women. When she’s not dominating the male-heavy adult entertainment world, and juggling her other businesses Emma can also be found running The Sisterhood. The Sisterhood is a group of gritty females boldly going where not many girls have gone before, competing in extreme and adventure sports - the group to date has raised over £700,000 for various women’s charities. 

Emma will be joining us at Ideas Fest to discuss the importance of empowering women in all aspects, and much more.  

Our founder Francesca James, caught up with Emma to discuss her business, who she’s most looking forward to seeing at Ideas Fest, and much more.  

Discussing her entrepreneurial journey, Emma said, “We launched to provide a safe space for women to explore their sexuality, have a home, and to ask questions without feeling any shame or judgment. This has now grown into probably the worlds biggest adult social network and dating app.  

“On the other side we then have Sistr, which is a mentoring, networking community for professional women. Our whole group (the kk group) is about empowering women from the bedroom to the boardroom.” 

Here at Ideas Fest we’re focused on benefitting and contributing positively to our three pillars; people, planet, and profit. Because of this we have ensured that all speakers are of the same morals and want to achieve the same things. When asking Emma what this meant to her she said, “To me, it means taking responsibility and having a social conscience, and awareness of all of the people involved. I think a lot of businesses are about the money, and pleasing customers and other people, but now consumers are a lot more aware of who the business is, the people involved, and will ask ‘are they good people, doing good for the community?’” 

We’re so excited to see Emma at the festival and can’t wait to hear her inspiring stories… so we asked Emma why she’s excited for Ideas Fest, and what interested her about the event.  

“I think there’s too much staleness when it comes to business events, and you sit in an uncomfortable chair, and it’s really formal, and I don’t think that’s how you learn. So I think the whole Ideas Fest idea is amazing, to combine lifestyle and energy.” 

Lastly, we asked Emma who she’s most excited to see at Ideas Fest.  

“I’ve got some great female friends who have ended up on panels, like Dani Wallace. She is one of the most amazing humans I’ve ever come across, and she’s amazing at speaking. So definitely her and Elizabeth Cowper, who was even one of my bridesmaids.” 

Watch the full conversation here.

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