Pamela Aculey, Founder of Just Like Me Books discusses the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, and all things Ideas Fest 

Just Like Me

Pamela is the creator and co-founder of Just Like Me Books - a small business making BIG changes when it comes to diversity and inclusion in children’s literature. 

Pamela is changing the children’s literature game with a focus on diversity and inclusion, having main characters and showing illustrations of children that represent all races, and backgrounds.  

Pamela is purpose-driven and passionate about making diversity and inclusiveness the norm for all people, and starting this mentality from a young age.  

“If all children could see people who looked like them doing amazing things; could you imagine what that spark could do in their minds for their future?” Pamela says. 

She strongly believes that changes need to be made in the publishing industry to produce and positively promote literature that reflects and honours the lives of all young people - and this was born out of the frustration of trying to find books that made her own children feel seen.  

Discussing how the idea for Just Like Me Books was born Pamela explains, “In 2017 my eldest son Walter (aged 4 at the time) was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As a parent I found it difficult to find diverse books where children like Walter could find themselves in the pages of books. They say ‘create the things you wished existed’, so I started to write a series of picture books called ’Just Like Me’ - where at the heart of each story we explore and promote Diversity, Inclusiveness, Acceptance and Kindness.

“Having three bi-racial children, one with additional needs, has completely opened my eyes to the fact that there is still so much work to be done when it comes to championing inclusion and diversity.” 

Pamela will be joining us at Ideas Fest to discuss the importance of representation, and much more.  

Our founder Francesca James, caught up with Pamela to discuss her business, who she’s most looking forward to seeing at Ideas Fest, and much more.  

Discussing who she’s most looking forward to seeing at Ideas Fest Pamela said, “As a startup myself, I’m so inspired to listen and learn from other people’s journeys” 

“If I had to pick one, I would say I’m really looking forward to Steven Bartlett, because I’ve tried to meet him a few times - our paths have crossed many times but we’ve never actually had a conversation. So I’m really looking forward to hearing from, and meeting him,” she added.  

Watch the full video here to find out more. 

Interested in hearing more about Pamela Aculey and her business? Pamela will be joining us at Ideas Fest -it’s one you won’t want to miss.