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Almost three-fifths (59%) of large UK retailers are unable to link online and in-store behaviour and sales.

Despite the fact that 92% of large multichannel retailers do sell online in the UK, the majority (59%) consider lack of visibility across these channels their biggest challenge.

Considering that 38% of these businesses admitted that they struggle with offering consistent prices across multiple channels, connecting the in-store experience with the online experience remains an issue for most large UK retailers, according to a study by RetailMeNot.

In-store and online teams are integrated in many UK retailers (42%) in order to deliver a more consistent experience for consumers, and almost a third (30%) are in the process of unifying both retail teams.

However, the research suggests that most marketing budgets are still siloed, between mobile, in-store and online teams. On the other hand, a growing number now assign marketing budget to a fully integrated retail team, with almost two-fifths (39%) adopting this approach for omnichannel marketing initiatives in the UK.

In terms of investment in each channel, retailers do recognise that mobile and email in particular can help to close the loop between in-store and online, and are ramping up digital investment in this area. Almost three-quarters (73%) of UK retailers plan to increase levels of digital investment across multiple channels and to drive online shoppers in-store in next 12-24 months, while 27% expect investment levels to remain stable.

Additionally, the majority of retailers are also turning to partners for assistance, with 71% of retailers are currently working on initiatives with third parties, such as unique vouchers and promotions, to gain greater visibility into the multichannel shopper experience. A further 57% of retailers are starting to make greater use of mobile vouchers and promotions to encourage online customers to shop in-store.

 Severine Philardeau, VP of Retail and Brand Solutions at, commented:

“Connecting the dots between online and in-store behaviour and sales is absolutely imperative, and holds the key to improving the shopper experience and maximising the effectiveness of investments in digital and mobile marketing and promotions…With three out of five large retailers still unable to link in-store sales to online activity, opportunities to drive sales and strengthen brand loyalty are undoubtedly being missed.”