Co-founder FutureX, Business coach, facilitator

Zoi Kantounatou 2023 20.02.23 - FUTUREXIN2023

Zoi Kantounatou a co-founder at FutureX, a company existing to educate and support purpose-driven leaders with all the tools and resources they need to operate within a more sustainable, socially conscious global economy. Zoi is  a trained facilitator and business coach and has extensive experience in running personal development and leadership workshops and programmes around the world. Over the past decade, Zoi has worked across Scotland, India, Greece and Silicon Valley working together with more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and running more than 20 programmes.  Zoi’s background of running businesses for the past  decade as well as her studies on Finance, International Business and Socio Economic Development underpin her passion for businesses and how they can operate in a profitable and purposeful way at the same time.