Honest Burgers


I co-founded Honest Burgers pretty much straight out of uni back in 2010. We started selling homemade burgers and chips out of a glorified tent (normally in the rain) at weddings and small festivals. We graduated into a bricks and mortar site in Brixton village in 2011 and opened our doors to queues of hungry Londoners.

We focus on the simple things that, in our opinion, make restaurants great. Homemade food and human experiences. A lot has changed since Brixton but the important things have stayed the same, in fact we actually make more ourselves now as we’ve got our own butchery.

Right now we’ve got 37 restaurants around the UK, employ over 700 people and make 90% of our menu from scratch. We’ve always felt homemade is best.

My role at honest has always centred around food. I oversee menu development and collaborations, and any food related projects, like our butchery. My technical title is Director of Food quality, Food Innovation and sustainability and my wife is our graphic designer so I also get involved with a lot of marketing material and interior design as well.