Co-founder, Fantastic Services

Rune Sovndahl, Co-founder, Fantastic Services

Rune Sovndahl is a Danish-born entrepreneur who is the driving power for innovation and disruption at Coming from a diverse background — a chef in the Danish Navy, head of SEO at, and finally a co-founder, CEO and head of marketing at — has helped him grasp the bigger picture of what is needed to revolutionise the domestic services industry.

His passion for work-life balance, experience with technology and franchise entrepreneurship has guided him to build the UK’s most ingenious franchise business. Employing the “technology where it can, people where it matters” philosophy, Rune and his partners have grown into a business spanning Europe, Australia, and the United States in 13 years.

Rune is a very hands-on leader, working alongside his team to further help team members grow and develop their skills. He’s always open to a one-on-one talk, a coaching session, or even simple tips through messenger. By leading the marketing and SEO teams, he’s been able to increase the amount of Fantastic Club members to 30,000 in a single year, following a major increase in online bookings compared to over the phone, helping over 2,000 professionals deliver better services to customers.

Region: London