Coach, Journalist & Author



Mark Edwards has two parallel careers - as a trainer/coach and as a journalist.

As a coach and trainer, he works with leaders and future leaders to help them live and work with more purpose and meaning, and with some of the country’s most successful companies, helping them to be more emotionally intelligent, more inclusive, more collaborative. All of his work is informed by mindfulness, and the Buddhist insights that underpin it.

As a journalist he began his career writing on magazines, including The Face, Arena, GQ, Esquire and Blitz. For the past 25 years his work has appeared virtually every week in The Sunday Times, and for 12 of those years he was the paper’s Chief Pop Music Critic.

Mark is the co-author of Belonging: The Key to Maintaining and Transforming Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at Workwith Sue Unerman and Kathryn Jacob, and also the author of The Tao of Bowie: 10 lessons from David Bowie’s Life to Help You Live Yours.

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