Owner & Managing Director, CST Pharma Group Holdings

Jason Yates, Owner & Managing Director, CST Pharma Group Holdings

CST Pharma Group Holdings is an innovative and entrepreneurial group of pharmaceutical companies committed to positively impacting health through innovation. Within the group are the following businesses:

  • CST Pharma Limited
  • Acre Pharma Limited
  • DMG Wholesale Limited
  • Acre Aesthetics Limited
  • Border Medical Limited
  • Saima Global Pharma S.L. Spain
  • Wicklow Enterprises
  • Synertech Limited
  • UTH Aesthetics Limited
  • MPT Pharma Limited
  • Cosmedic Pharmacy Limited
  • City Aesthetics Limited

The group takes a unique approach, under the leadership of owner and managing director Jason Yates, it balances ethics and regulatory compliance with commercial results and moves businesses forward in every direction, making the industry better than the day before.

Through challenging existing practices, seeking out change, creating purpose, taking calculated risks, and seeing beyond what is in front of it, CST Pharma Group Holdings sets the world up for success.Jason has been the sole owner of CST for four years and co-owner for 15 years and has grown the business exponentially – with twelve businesses now sitting underneath the umbrella business.

CST’s group growth is down to Jason and his team of board members’ business acumen and their decisions to continually diversify the business into new markets.Jason bought out the business in 2018, and since has skilfully strengthened the board to assist in his successful drive for quality, operational and financial enhancement.

This has enabled the business to grow and thrive despite the challenges of COVID and c20% of the firm’s historic sales not being viable due to Brexit. Jason has also identified lucrative complementary opportunities and management teams he can joint venture with and sponsor/support to realise their potential and share success.

Region: North West