Ideal Shopping Direct

Jamie Martin

Jamie Martin, CEO of multi-channel home shopping retailer, Ideal Shopping Direct and a serial entrepreneur.

Jamie has built a string of successful businesses starting at 13 with his own car valet service which he later sold to National Car Cleaning Company for £82,000 aged 17. Most recently, he was appointed CEO of Ideal in December 2018 and is already making his mark – the company recently announced a 6.5% rise in turnover.

Jamie credits his success to his attention to detail, his ability to understand the nuts and bolts of how a company runs, and his nimble, entrepreneurial approach. With his car valet business, he was always working on a five year plan and reverse engineering his strategy to fit – the hard work paid off. Since then, he has set up several successful businesses in the TV shopping space including Big Media Broadcasting , a pioneering B2B marketplace for TV shopping airtime, and IPTV Brands which helps retailers to access the power of TV shopping on their own websites and is already turning over seven figures since it was set up less than two years ago,

Since taking over at Ideal, he has made sure he understands and is involved in every aspect of the business. You’re more likely to find him on set in the studio talking to employees and suppliers, or even presenting, than sat behind his desk analysing spreadsheets. He actively encourages an open and entrepreneurial culture, and has empowered his staff with the tools they need to make decisions (including risky one) and to help them grow the business.

Jamie is really easy to chat to and can talk through the highs and lows of founding, growing and running a business. He can talk about the resurgence of TV shopping and his plans to bring this way of shopping to new, younger audiences, as well as how he is helping to create an entrepreneurial, innovative culture at ISD which is having a real impact on the bottom line.