Branding Boutique

Helen Livingston

Helen Livingston is the founder of Branding Boutique, a communication and marketing agency established in 2002 and headquartered in Glasgow.

Before setting up Branding Boutique, Helen was Comms Director for Scotland for TMP Worldwide, working for clients such as Agilent Technologies, Diageo and Organon

At Branding Boutique, Helen’s team deliver wide ranging brand and communications strategies across a diverse range of business sectors, from tech startups to national and worldwide brands: clients with a message, a destination and a belief in their brand. The company’s Client list includes Bacardi, Hilton, Dewar’s, 2 Sisters Food Group, Bells Food Group, Ophir Gin, Kissing with Confidence, Ankaa and Welcome Break.

Helen’s mantra is Love your Brand, Live your Brand, Be your Brand. That’s ensuring every touchpoint, from brand naming, design and advertising to customer experience, embodies the brand itself. Vision, mission and values are at the heart of everything Helen does.

Branding Boutique’s proactive change management approach brings focus to brands and businesses, working with boards and management teams on their strategy creation, implementation and evaluation. And for Helen, always thinking beyond the horizon.