Founder and CEO, OGGS®


Hannah Carter

Hannah Carter is the founder and CEO of plant-based egg alternative and bakery brand OGGS®. Following a career in pharmaceuticals and leadership consultancy, Hannah’s shift to veganism saw frustrations with the hidden animal products in common food items – especially her favourite blueberry muffin.

After discovering the brilliant but often unreliable aquafaba – a waste product from chickpeas – Hannah developed a stabilised version of the product that performs consistently. OGGS® bakery range, made vegan by substituting hen-laid eggs for aquafaba, hit grocery shelves in 2019 followed shortly after by OGGS® Aquafaba – the world’s first patented liquid plant-based egg alternative.

To date, OGGS® has grown to a team of over 20, OGGS® Aquafaba and bakery range are stocked in most UK supermarkets, and the company’s impressive ethical and environmental credentials continue to grow. Since launch, consumers’ choice of OGGS® rather than the non-vegan counterparts have saved the equivalent of a quarter of a million eggs, given 50,000 chickens the week off and have saved over 50,000 KGs of CO2e.

Following another successful round of investment in 2022, Hannah’s mission to replace unnecessary animal products in the food chain continues with the launch of Scrambled OGGS®. The first chickpea-based egg alternative to fulfil the unmet need in plant-based scrambled egg, omelettes and quiches.