The Woolf Kitchen

Dominique Woolf

Half-Thai Dominique Woolf was the Winner of Channel 4’s ‘Jamie’s Great CookbookChallenge’. She wowed the judges with her simple, accessible Asian recipes, andher book, Dominique’s Kitchen, became a Sunday Times bestseller.Dominique has her own food range ‘The Woolf’s Kitchen’ of Asiansauces, chilli oils and pastes inspired by those her Thai auntie used to make.

AuntieDang’s now legendary tamarind sauce was so mind-blowingly good, Dominique hadno choice but to create her own version and so ‘The Woolf’s Kitchen’ was born.Starting in the middle of lockdown 2020 with her three young children in tow shebegan selling to local shops and delis. Her products are now stocked in The Co-opand Selfridges.