Founder of isin

Daljit Singh, isin

Daljit Singh is the founder of isin, a disruptive design studio focused on elevating brands at retail through immersive experiences. Prior to isin, Daljit spent sixteen years in the retail industry, helping to pioneer the shift of shopping into a more experiential landscape. After launching isin two months before the World went into lockdown, Daljit and his team have grown the agency into a multi-million pound business by tapping into the power of consumer-centric experiences, the integration of digital and physical worlds, and the value that this holds for brands. As a result, isin boasts an impressive client list featuring icons such as Dr. Martens, adidas and Vans, who all work with isin to build stronger connections with their customers and elevate their retail presence. As Founder and Managing Director, Daljit guides the development of the agency by building long-term partnerships, ensuring quality output that drives commercial growth for clients and cultivating a work environment that empowers the team to learn and develop within their roles. In addition, he is regularly featured in industry media, sharing expert insights and points of view.

Region: Midlands