Brandt Maybury headshot

Brandt has had a successful career as a chef and food consultant in almost every sector of the food industry, from gastropubs and Michelin star restaurants, to 5 star hotels and French ski resorts.

In more recent years, he has established himself as an award-winning development chef working on projects across the food and beverage industry from famous brands and private label ranges. Within this role, he has gained a wealth of experience in production and manufacturing, from project managing factory trials to launching products from concept through to launch with global brands.

During his time at Green & Black’s chocolate, where he held the position of Taste Specialist for 5 years, he met Micah Carr-Hill, with whom he co-founded Tastehead. As an agency, Tastehead develops innovative new food and beverage products from concept to manufacturing and beyond, whilst supporting brands with market insights research, branding and marketing.

Alongside Tastehead, Brandt has been a judge in several major food and drink awards like Great Taste, World Food Innovation Awards, Academy of Chocolate, and Soil Association’s BOOM awards.