CEO, Deazy


Andy Peddar, Deazy

Andy Peddar is a tech entrepreneur and digital strategist, with a background in management consulting, having started his career at Capgemini. He’s also an alumnus of ESCP Europe Business school, having studied an International MBA in Paris and London.

He has led and scaled Deazy from early stages in 2018 through four funding rounds - including a Series A - totalling £6.25m, to a multi-million revenue business with a strong culture, and clients ranging from VC-backed scale-ups to multi-national enterprises.

Deazy is a curated marketplace of development talent with more than 5,000 vetted developers across 70 handpicked development teams in Europe and Latin America. Deazy’s clients are able to rapidly and flexibly scale their tech talent and deliver standalone projects through Deazy, overcoming capacity and capability constraints.

Andy is passionate about failing fast and learning from mistakes, as well as sharing learnings so as to avoid potential pitfalls and failures. Andy saw his first start-up venture - The SalonBook, a hairdresser marketplace – fail in large part because of challenges in finding the right development partner to build its MVP. In the ashes and learnings from TheSalonBook, Deazy was born.

Region: South West