Image: Apple
Image: Apple

It may not have an earphone jack but sales of the new iPhone are doing very nicely, thank you, suggest reports. Meanwhile, at Samsung…

According to T-Mobile and Sprint in the US, sales of the new iPhone 7  are up four-fold on sales of the previous Apple smart-phone models, indeed, T-Mobile says that it has seen its record broken for pre-order sales.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted: “It’s like four times bigger than the iPhone 6 for us at the pre-order stage.”

When the new iPhone 7 was announced last week, it drew a fanfare of publicity but no small amount of criticism for its decision to remove the earphone jack, and offer users the option of plugging earphones into the lightning charging port, notorious for wrecking cables – or an $160 wireless earphone option.

Maybe the critics missed the point.

The new wireless ear plugs are not just earphones, they also contain a powerful computer, and can open Apple up to the brave world of augmented reality and the Internet of Things.

Meanwhile, Samsung has come up with a neat fix to its problem of the exploding Note 7, it is going to cap the charging of its battery so that it is never more than 60% charged – can anyone spot the flaw with that plan?

There are also rumours afoot that Samsung is going to ditch the earplug jack for its smart-phones, and in turn license its alternative solution very cheaply, or for free, to other Android makers, in a move to try and force headphone manufacturers to choose whether to prioritise Apple or the Android market.  But that may not be Samsung’s only motivation, truth is, Apple ditched the jack because it sees this as the way of the future, Samsung may well draw the same conclusion.

There is another way of putting it.

Apple, said hit the road jack, and now Samsung may be saying the same.

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