How young businesses can choose the best investors for their journey to success

money train


  • 2021 saw a massive 6.5% decrease in businesses compared to 2020* – SMEs are struggling to stay afloat and find the best funding to thrive

  • This book is a brilliantly practical, easy-to-follow guide to the investment market – helping new founders raise money at the right time, at the right price 

  • It draws on decades of experience supporting businesses through financially turbulent times – from the 2008 economic crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Author David Pattison is the co-founder of media agency PHD and has chaired and mentored over a dozen CEOs – advising on everything from investing to starting up, setting up infrastructure to raising funds and selling.

Many start-ups and new businesses need more money to move forward but choosing where to get that money can be a minefield. Inexperienced founders seeking support from seasoned investors can lead to a loss of control and false hope for success. 

How do you choose the best investor for your business? The new book, The Money Train: 10 Things Young Businesses Need to Know About Investors, is the essential roadmap for any entrepreneur seeking funding for their company’s future. 

Drawing on his extensive real-world experience founding, chairing and mentoring businesses looking to raise funds, author David Pattison reveals simple but powerful techniques for start-ups to navigate the complicated world of corporate finance and stay in the driver’s seat on their journey to financial success.

The book breaks down how to avoid common investment mistakes and answers questions like:

  • What does the investment market look like?

  • Is my start-up investment-ready?

  • What type of investor is best for my business? 

  • How can I negotiate the best deal? 

Getting that first major raise from investors right is key to a new business’s future. David cuts through the complex investment jargon and shares the crucial negotiating skills every start-up needs to make the best deal and succeed. 

The Money Train by David Pattison, priced at £12.99, is available from and all major online booksellers.