By Jason Theodorou

Football players participating in the 2010 World Cup will be insured for over £6.2 billion, with Fifa, national teams and broadcasters all taking out insurance policies.

Stadiums are insured for at least £3.2 billion, and other business ventures attached to the World Cup make up an additional £3 billion of insurance.

Chris Nash, underwriter at Sportscover, told the BBC: ‘Competitions, offers, prizes, sponsorship, broadcast rights - it's impossible to know how many there are, but all companies with these financial implications need coverage’.

These estimates do not include the cost of policies which apply to players in the event of injury. As with footballers’ wages, all players would have a different value — with players who command lucrative sponsorship deals needing more insurance as their celebrity status is crucial to selling merchandise.

Football fans travelling to South Africa for the World Cup will need to take out insurance of their own — The Office of Fair Trading has warned that fans are targets for scam artists and thieves, with one in twelve ticket buyers already falling prey to fake ticket scams.

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