By Marcus Leach

SuperGroup Plc, owner of the Superdry brand and one of the UK's fastest growing international branded clothing companies, today (Wednesday) reported its Christmas trading performance for the nine weeks from 31 October 2011 to 1 January 2012.


- Total Group sales increased 22% over the period to £79m (2011: £65m)
- Total Retail sales increased 28% to £66m (2011: £52m)
- Like for like Retail sales (including internet) were up 5.8% during the period and up 9.3% in December
- Wholesale sales were 4% lower at £13m (2011: £13m), although year to date wholesale sales are up 54%.

This reflects primarily the different phasing of supplier deliveries compared with the prior year and the natural migration of sales in the UK to the growing estate of owned stores.

“We are pleased to report a solid Christmas period when set against the difficult economic climate, our own distribution issues in the autumn and our exceptionally strong Christmas season sales last year," Julian Dunkerton, Chief Executive Officer, commented.

“Overall, our Retail business has seen an improving sales trend as our stores became better stocked following the resolution of our warehouse issues and the continued demand for our products and brand. We have also successfully opened one floor of our Regent Street store.”

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