By Claire West

Commenting on today’s spending review, Tom Bewick, Chief Executive of Enterprise UK, says:

“At its core, today’s comprehensive spending review is about getting the UK back on track and stimulating economic growth. To do that we need to back the UK’s entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business leaders if we are going to see the much heralded ‘enterprise-led recovery’.

“Arguably it has never been more important to encourage people to start new businesses and create new opportunities and the chancellor’s pledge to fund adult apprenticeships is a step in the right direction because these people are a critical national resource that need to be nurtured.

“At Enterprise UK we are optimistic about the critical role that start-ups and small businesses can play in driving economic growth. Next month we are spearheading Global Entrepreneurship Week which puts the UK at the heart of a worldwide movement of entrepreneurs. From November 15-21, 7.5 million participants will take part in 32,000 events in over 100 countries around the world, exposing people of all ages to quality entrepreneurial experience.”