By Claire West

Small businesses need not miss out on valuable orders due to their inability to access finance.

That’s the message from David Pearce of Interface Financial Group which has an innovative solution for SMEs who need to ease cash flow problems.

IFG has just begun its operation in the UK after 40 successful years in North America where it is the largest source of alternative finance for small businesses.

“It was disappointing to see a recent report suggesting that £30bn in potential sales were lost due to small firms being unable to secure finance,” said David, one of three new IFG Area Developers servicing clients across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

“Small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow should be encouraged, and they do not necessarily need to look to the banks to help them.

There are also fears that bank lending will become even more difficult to come by if the UK dips into recession once more.

IFG, however, buys invoices from small firms and pays them up front, giving them immediate working capital for their business. This cash can then be used to buy stock to fulfil more orders.

IFG allows customers to use its services as and when they need once they are registered. There are no long term contracts and no minimum number of invoices purchased. Transactions can also be completed in 48 hours once a customer has an account.

“We are considerably more flexible than traditional lenders and in the current climate are a genuinely cost-effective option for small businesses.”

IFG and David Pearce can be contacted on 0845 834 0332