By Jason Theodorou

Liverpool Football Club has refused to be pressed into a quick sale, despite the owners wishing to find a buyer ‘as soon as possible’. The board, led by chairman Martin Broughton, have received several formal offers for a takeover at Anfield.

Owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks are looking for a buyer who can pay their £237 million debt with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, in addition to funding a new stadium. Bidders include Chinese businessman Kenny Huang and Syrian entrepreneur Yahya Kirdi. Background checks have been completed on all bidders.

Liverpool managing director Christian Purslow said that all bids for the club were being considered ‘extremely carefully’, and that the club owners aimed to sell the club as soon as possible. Gillett and Hacks have until 6 October to pay back the RBS loan, and there has been speculation that the bank will assume control of the club if a new owner is not instituted.

Mr. Purslow said: ‘Our number one priority is to make sure we know what we would be getting into with any new owner. We take that deadly seriously… To know who they are, where the money is coming from, what their plans are and to establish that there is a real commitment for a very long term stable and secure financial position for the club’.

Claire Gorman, spokeswoman for RBS, said: ‘RBS continues to have confidence in the sales process, and is making no preparations to take control of the club’.