It’s easy to start feeling more than a little overwhelmed with the bad news right now which is why The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are on a mission to highlight the good; the entrepreneurs & businesses who are doing amazing things, who have achieved so much (before and during the Covid-19 pandemic), who may have turned their skills to good and who deserve to be recognised.

Snag Tights make tights that are genuinely different sizes, to fit comfortably women of all shapes. Normal tights vary in length, but not by width, which is why it can be such a struggle to find tights that actually fit. Snag Tights tights are genuinely different sizes, which means they vary in height, width and around the waist so they fit every body shape.

For all their Instagram followers, Snag Tights have launched a Dress Up Fridays competition where they are giving away a pair of tights each week to the most fabulous look posted by a Snaggler.

To say thank you to the amazing NHS staff, they are also giving away one pair of tights to an NHS frontline worker for every order received.