By Jason Theodorou

The government has received 100,000 ideas for spending cuts on its 'Spending Challenge' website, which are set to be selectively expanded on by Prime Minister David Cameron at an event in Brighton. Mr. Cameron is said to be impressed by several ideas which marry well to his 'Big Society' theme.

Ideas proposed by contributors include the formation of 'civic gardener' teams to clean up local areas, and reduce the burden on council staff, as well as switching government computer systems to run on open source software. There were also suggestions on how to recruit more volunteers for the health service.

Nearly two thirds of the ideas received by the Spending Challenge website came from public sector workers. Shadow Treasury minister Angela Eagle has previously complained that the Spending Challenge website contained suggestions which amounted to 'drivel', despite 66,000 suggestions being received on how to make specific savings.

The Spending Challenge website will be closed to new ideas this week, but the public will be able to vote on suggestions for the next fortnight.

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