By Claire West

Today the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke MP has published nine documents for discussion and consultation relating to tax, following commitments made at the June Budget.

This will provide businesses, tax professionals and other interested parties with a more comprehensive view and the opportunity to comment on the Government's proposed tax reforms.

The Government set out its new and innovative approach to tax policy making at the Budget, designed to create a more predictable, stable and simple tax system in the UK.

The documents published today include the Disclosure of Inheritance Tax Avoidance, and National Minimum Wage Regulations.

The Government is committed to being more open and transparent in its approach to policy making. By allowing relevant and interested parties to have their say, it will greatly improve the quality of the process and allow the Government to make informed decisions based on the views of those who will be affected.

The Exchequer Secretary, David Gauke MP, said:

“We want to make the tax system simpler and work better for the taxpayer. By reducing burdens, making the right choices and involving taxpayers, we are sending a very clear signal that Britain is open for business”

“We are committed to a more considered and open approach to tax policymaking. That is why consultation and scrutiny of our tax policies will be the cornerstone of our tax policymaking process. I want to encourage relevant parties to provide their feedback on the tax consultations we have published today”.