By Claire West

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne will said that the Government will focus public spending on areas that drive long-term economic success, as it attempts to cut the budget deficit.

Mr. Osborne said in an interview that he was not at odds with his colleagues over the plans. He said that it was impossible to restore financial responsibility, without addressing the benefits system.

Mr. Osborne said: "I think it is a fundamentally unfair system we have in our society at the moment, that we have such a complex system of benefits that trap people in deep poverty and make it very difficult for people to get into work”.

"To create a society where one person leaves for work at seven in the morning and sees on the other side of the street the blind pulled down because their neighbour is living a lifetime on benefits."

Mr. Osborne is expected to defend the cuts as ‘fair’, arguing that the government would be wrong to leave future generations with a £154.7 billion deficit.

He said: "We are engaged as a Government in a collective effort to get this right to both make savings to the welfare bill and to create a simpler, fairer welfare system that, above all, gets people into work”.

The Chancellor said that he hoped five years of the coalition Government would allow for equality of opportunity.