By Maximilian Clarke

TheCityUK, the independent body promoting UK-wide financial and related professional services, today hosted its Autumn Debate which brought together leading figures from financial and professional services, regulators and politicians to contribute to the debate entitled: “EU Strategy in a Global Context — Creating a Policy Framework for Growth.”

The conference covered a broad array of issues from consumer trust to funding and European competitiveness, and a series of panel discussions between key figures leading negotiations in Brussels, across European financial centres and in national capitals. At the heart of the discussion was how the UK can preserve its position as a destination for global financial businesses to be domiciled, the contribution this makes to the European Union, and how Europe’s leading position can be maintained in the face of increasingly global competition.

The event saw the launch of new research report commissioned by TheCityUK and undertaken by Harris International, focussing on the role of financial services to current and future strategies of 60 of the largest companies across Europe. Nearly three quarters of those surveyed highlighted the fundamental role of financial services as an enabler to meeting their business objectives for the coming year, citing it as a springboard for meeting strategy, objectives and business goals.

As well as being fundamental to meeting objectives, the research found that financial services is considered by many senior financial decision makers to have provided their organisations with both a competitive edge and financial innovation leading to tangible benefits for end-customers. Senior decision makers were surveyed in sectors from Automotive, Pharmaceutical through to Telecoms and FMCG in UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Turkey. Further details of this report can be found at

Chris Cummings, CEO of TheCityUK commented, “The financial and professional services sector plays a key role in driving business success and helping underpin economic growth, not just in the UK where we are ‘open for business’ as a world-leading global financial centre, but across Europe where it plays a significant role in contributing to the region’s competitiveness. We must continue to work together to ensure Europe delivers effective regulation that helps restore stability and promotes confidence in the system to safeguard Europe’s position on a global stage and contribute to its future economic growth.”

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