By Daniel Hunter

The creative and digital industries are facing a skills shortage in 2015, according to creative business school Hyper Island.

The research highlighted the biggest challenge facing the business community is the talent and skills shortage in Experience Design. Leaders in the field say the issue is set to become even more of a challenge in 2015 if businesses do not up-skill and attract more talent.

Lauren Currie, Programme Manager at Hyper Island, said: "A chasm definitely exists between what consumers expect and what brands can deliver. This can be extremely costly for businesses.

“Designers can support companies to overcome this challenge and think bigger than ever before. It's not about screens or apps anymore, it's about reimagining how we live, work and play and the role technology plays in that."

Another key finding of the research shows that user experience of a product or service is now of critical importance to the business community. Hyper Island experts suggest that customer experience will become the unique selling point of a business and will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator in 2015 and beyond.

Many more brands will look to differentiate and increase consumer satisfaction using the principles of design experience in a competitive market in 2015. This in turn will be another driver for companies to find more talent in this area next year - talent that can effectively design an offline and online experience to exceed the expectations of customer.

“With an increasing amount of start-ups coming to the fore, now more than ever there is a huge need for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors,” said Johanna Frelin, CEO at Hyper Island.

“The companies who embrace this change and address the talent shortage and skills gaps are the companies that will change their tomorrow. These are the brands that will stay ahead of the game and gain a competitive advantage in their respective fields.”

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