By Marcus Leach

London's banks and various other institutions are taking their preparations for next year's London Olympics to the next level by testing how they would cope if there was a major disruption during the games.

The tests, involving 87 businesses and services, are aimed at testing how they would respond to a potential cyber attack on the financial sector during the Games.

The tests will check the sturdiness of internet links and telecommunications, and how quickly businesses can recover.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) are running a series of 'war games' to see how the city will react should the worst case scenarios occur.

The City watchdog had previously run exercises to test the response to severe weather or a flu pandemic.

In the latest tests they are looking at how to deal with a cyber attack, as well as major traffic disruption against the backdrop of the Olympics.

"[This] is carried out to assess and improve the resilience of the financial services sector, during a major operational disruption and is an important part of planning for major disruptions," said a spokesman for the FSA.

"There are no passes or fails. The exercise is about firms assessing their business continuity systems and updating them where necessary and the authorities identifying areas for further attention."

The firms will answer questionnaires in the next few weeks, before a final report with recommendations is compiled in January.

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