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    Hammond on the rack for ignoring smaller companies with R&D reform


    The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced a further £2.3bn in investment in R&D as well as an increase in the main R&D Tax Credit in yesterday's budget. But he has been subjected to heavy criticism for apparently only focusing on the UK's larger companies. The main R&D Tax Credit has been ...

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    The world is on the brink of a technology revolution, says Philip Hammond


    “Britain is at the forefront of the new technology revolution. . . We must also embrace change,” said the chancellor today, in the budget. But did he practice what he preached? So, The Offce of Budget Responsibility has downgraded its projection for growth in productivity, it expects a miserly 1.5 ...

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    What small companies want and expect from the Budget


    Focus for sterling will switch momentarily from monetary moves to fiscal policy this Wednesday, as Chancellor Phillip Hammond delivers the Budget, says economist. "As has been the case for nearly every Budget since the advent of the Global Financial Crisis, there is little wiggle room for the Chancellor to make ...

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    Obsession with housing wealth is damaging the economy


    Image: Rob Noble The obsession with housing wealth in the UK is damaging the UK economy, or so finds one of the most respected economic think tanks. To say The National Institute of Economics and Social Research (NIESR) is highly regarded is to make an understatement. It’s been around ...

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    UK climbs from bottom of global growth league


    The UK is no longer the second slowest economy in the G7 and EU so far this year. Instead, it is the second slowest, at least among the countries for which we have data. It is an odd thing. While the headlines across the media focus on the latest job ...

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    Stagnation nation: political and economic malaise hits smaller companies


    The UK's smaller companies remain pessimistic about growth as ongoing political uncertainty, currency volatility and central bank movement impacts appetite for international trade. The latest Global Trade Barometer from WorldFirst, draws a downbeat assessment about business optinmism within smaller companies. Continuing the downward trend for 2017, the number of ...

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    UK economy sees third quarter pick-up, by there may be problems ahead


    Image: Daniel Chapman The latest data, surveys and anecdotal evidence, points to a UK economy that is doing alright – sorry, that may sound like an unsatisfactory way to put it, but alright really does seem to be the best word to describe it – certainly the economy looks ...

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    Wages set to rise, but too soon to celebrate


    Nick Youngson Wages in manufacturing are set to rise, with their growth exceeding inflation. This could create a knock-on effect, pushing up on wages elsewhere. Is this good news? It depends. There are three reasons why wages might rise. One is to do with supply, the lower supply of ...

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    Average household is £600 a year worse off, thanks to Brexit


    Image Credit: Deposit Photos One of the most respected economic forecasting groups in the UK has said that the average household is £600 a year worse off thanks to Brexit, meanwhile, Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has warned that Brexit has stopped the UK economy from booming. In ...

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    70 per cent of Brits can’t identify current bank base rate


    70 per cent of Brits can’t identify current bank base rate, and among those who say they know more about this topic than their partner, the majority were in the dark concerning the current level. Interest rates are up, but according to new research, just 70 per cent of the ...

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    Bitcoin hits a new high as futures market calls


    Sir Isaac Newton, a reason to buy or sell bitcoins? Bitcoin has hit yet another high - passing $6,400, as markets prepare for its listing on the futures Market. Is there trouble ahead? History tells us that bubbles happen - investors pile into a craze then become euphoric, reasons to ...

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    US economy may actually be booming


    The data is just getting better, could the US economy be on the verge of seeing its best performance in at least ten years? And if so, may this spread to the UK? The data The US economy grew by 3.0 per cent (annualised) in the third quarter, according the ...

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    Amazon leaves UK High Street eating dust


    Debenhams has seen profits slump, if the latest survey is anything to go by, UK retail is suffering its worst decline since 2009, but once again Amazon gives a lesson to the retailers that were making big bucks when its boss, Jeff Bezos, was still a little boy. Debenhams was ...

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    The UK economy storms ahead to second gear


    Image credit: The UK economy did better than expected in the third quarter, instead of growing really slowly, it just grew slowly. Now pundits are suggesting a November hike in interest rates is a foregone conclusion, and much to the consternation of economists who fret that the economic ...

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    Which bubble will burst first? Bitcoin or initial coin offerings


    A Saudi Prince has likened bitcoin to Enron, another senior banker has joined a long list of bitcoin cynics, while one of the leading players in Fintech has told Fresh Business Thinking that bitcoin is a solution looking for a problem. But maybe initial coin offerings are an even bigger ...

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    Are we at a Minsky moment?


    Hyman Minsky, image credit Pontificador The top central banker in China rings the alarm bell, but not only China, maybe the global economy is about to have a nasty moment.Memories are short, during a boom, people forget about the hard times, they fall into the trap of expecting things ...

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    Unemployment stays at 40 year plus low, but real wages are still falling


    Nick Youngson There was good and bad news on the UK economy this week. The good news is that unemployment remains at 4.3 per cent, the joint lowest level since the mid-1970s. Employment rose by 94,000 in the three months to August, compared to the previous three months, ...

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    Some hard numbers that tell the truth about Brexit


    Before the Brexit vote and in the immediate aftermath, the UK was one of the stars of the G7, now it is at the bottom. A lot of untruths have been spoken about the UK’s economic performance post Brexit vote. It is time we let facts tell the story. In ...

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    Chaos in Catalonia is a wake-up call for global investors


    The chaos in Catalonia is a wake-up call for global investors, warns the boss of one of the world’s largest independent financial services organisations. The warning from Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere Group, follows the president of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont's, highly anticipated speech in which ...

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    The most expensive cough in history


    The FTSE 100 fell, the pound saw sharp falls, billions were wiped off the value of UK plc, and why? Because of a cough. Welcome to the gig economy Mrs May. Okay, you are not exactly part of it, but this week you got an indication of what it is ...