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    Oil price hits a four year high


    The oil price has been surging and has now passed another key milestone. When it comes to the oil price, there is a psychological level. When it falls below that level it can be an indication that the price is crashing, when it rises above that level it can be ...

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    World Bank celebrates and warns, at the same time


    There is good news from the World Bank today on the prospects for the global economy, there is also a warning. 2018 is set to be a good ‘un, says the World Bank, as it projects an acceleration of the global economy this year – it projects 3.1 per cent ...

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    The corporate cash pile keeps getting bigger


    If only. It turns out that if companies had invested rather than let cash reserves build, then the UK economy would have grown by no less than 2.5 percentage points more than it managed in 2017 – instead of being one of the weakest performers in the euro area and ...

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    At last, some truly good news on the UK economy


    Image: Flickr Is this the best piece of news on the UK economy in over half a decade? If this proves to be part of a new trend, then it is. Productivity is perhaps the single most important driver of an economy. An economy’s size depends on how many ...

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    Is the UK economy pivoting?


    UK manufacturing appears to be booming, the services sector has got problems. The penny still hasn’t dropped in most quarters. 2017 was not a good year for the UK economy, it was a very promising year for the US and euro area. Last year, the UK was the outlier, it ...

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    Now it is the US economy that seems to be booming


    New data out this week suggests the US economy is on the verge at expanding at its fastest rate in almost 13 years. It was told here yesterday, how the eurozone economy is finally in the midst of a strong recovery. The latest purchasing managers indexes (PMIs) tracking manufacturing ...

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    Oil price is creeping up – this could be significant


    The oil price has been rising – the price per barrel is now hovering around its highest level since the end of 2014. One obvious impact is that the price of petrol will rise, meaning most of us will be a little worse-off. But a bigger question casts a worrying ...

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    UK manufacturing almost booming, but in the euro area, there is no almost about it


    If there is any truth in the latest surveys, global manufacturing is in for a boom, but in the euro area, the good times really are set to begin. Best ever! That is a bold statement, but it appears that the countries that make up the euro area, are seeing ...

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    The UK Brexit fix: move the English Channel to the Pacific


    The UK is in talks to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Question; what has the west coast of Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan have in common? Answer: they are nowhere near the UK. Here is something else they have in common, if things ...

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    FTSE 100 finishes 2017 with new record, should we celebrate or fret?


    The last trading day of 2017 saw the FTSE 100 and its junior sister, the FTSE 250, hit new highs. But what is this telling us about the real world? The famous economist, Paul Samuelson once said that the stock market has predicted nine out of the last five recessions. ...

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    NASDAQ passes 7,000 – does this prove the ascendance of tech, or does it forebode of trouble ahead?


    Deposit Photos The NASDAQ Composite is dominated by techs, including Apple, Microsoft and the FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google/Alphabet). And the index has recently passes a milestone that not so long ago seemed impossible. But can it last? March 10 th , the year 2000: The NASDAQ composite ...

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    More jobs coming in 2018, but wages not looking so good - inclusion may be the key


    For once, the CBI has good news on jobs. But alas, it is not all good. The CBI survey asked: ‘will you grow your workforce next year?’ The survey said...yes. Of 299 respondents,employing around one million people, 51 per cent said yes. But the real job creators are the small ...

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    Is the force awakening for Disney/Fox?


    Deposit Photos People forget, but 12 years or so ago, Disney looked a lot like a troubled company, but since, then we have had a phenonium called Frozen, Despicable Me, an odd-bunch of ladies and gentleman who call themselves the Avengers, and a little-known movie franchise called Star Wars ...

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    Forget the latest news on inflation and wages, that is not the scary bit, something else is


    Deposit Photos Inflation was higher than expected last month, wage rises are still lagging below inflation, but that is not what’s worrying. No, the real fear relates to another finding. Should we be scared? Or is this a storm before the calm? Inflation rose to 3.1 per cent in ...

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    The euro area is 'blooming' well booming


    It may come as a surprise to you, some may even feel the need to pinch themselves, but the data says what the data says, and euro economy is booming – apparently.We have come used to hearing about the sorry tale of the euro area, some even suggested that the ...

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    The stock market knows no fear


    The stock market keeps booming, but look closer, and it gets more curious. The stock market is meant to be a good forward indicator of the economy. It does not always work like that. The economist Paul Samuelson once, and quite famously said, it has predicted nine of the past ...

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    The six trillion pound housing wealth illusion


    The total value of the UK’s housing wealth has topped £6 trillion, finds research from Halifax. But is this real wealth or an illusion that could be sucking the UK into dangerous complacency? UK GDP is around £2 trillion. Government debt is about £1.8 trillion (£1.773 trillion in August this ...

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    IFS prediction of woe misses the point


    Read the latest musings from the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Resolution Foundation, and you could be forgiven for thinking that the UK economy is on a one-way course to disaster, in fact, the opposite is true. The UK should be able to enjoy boom, and the reason is technology. ...

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    Consumer boosts UK plc in Q3, but is it sustainable?


    Image: Wikimedia Today we had news on how the UK economy did in the third quarter. We heard that the ONS, our beloved compiler of official statistics, did not change its mind and is still estimating that the economy grew by 0.4 per cent. But the latest data contained ...

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    Can Philip Hammond’s technology revolution budget solve UK’s prime problem?


    Image: Flickr There is one overriding problem with the UK economy. It’s just about the only thing that needs fixing. In his budget Phillip Hammond talked a lot about it, but did he do anything that will really make a difference? And what about entrepreneurs? There is a view ...