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  • Brie Read

    Snag tights brand saved during pandemic by their supportive community & crowdsourcing survival ideas


    By Francesca James, founder, Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community I’ve been talking to a number of entrepreneurs recently about how they have pivoted or adopted a ‘plan b’ during these challenging times. Snag tights founder Brie says that pre pandemic her business was doing £2 million pounds a month ...

  • Feature

    Food price inflation at six-year high


    Image: Flickr Food prices in the UK grew at the fastest pace in nearly six years, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The industry body said last year's extreme weather affected crops across the country, pushing up prices for products such as potatoes, onions and cabbages. Farmers were ...

  • Food & Drink List 2019

    GBEA’s 20 most exciting food & drink entrepreneurs to watch in 2019


    2018 was a huge year for the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards with 3,000 entries. And a big chunk of those came from the food & drink industry. From mouth-watering burgers, to silky craft ales and fiery street food; show-stopping noodles to ethical juices and eco-conscious confectionaries, the entries were ...

  • News

    Whitbread to sell Costa


    Image: Whitbread Whitbread is bowing to investor pressure to spin-off its Costa Coffee subsidiary within two years. When you think of Whitbread what do you think of? There is a good chance its beer. There is a good reason for that. The company was founded in 1742 when ...

  • GDP_2017

    UK falls to last place in G7 growth table, but there is some good news


    UK economy was relegated to seventh place in the G7 league for 2017, but some hope was revealed in the latest data. The data is out, and at first glance it tells a sorry story. The stats recording changes in UK GDP in Q4 have been revised. It turns out ...

  • News

    FED sounds interest rate warning


    The recent sell-off in stock markets seems to have occurred because of fears that the recent run of strong data on the US economy may precipitate more hikes in US interest rates than previously expected. Yesterday, the FED (US central bank) spoke, and the fears seem to have been confirmed. ...

  • News

    Productivity surges, wages may be set to jump


    Data and surveys show that productivity is rising at last and wages may be set to jump. Is the economy finally getting the tonic it needs? The headlines focus on the negative. But it wasn’t that negative. In the three months to December, UK unemployment increased from 4.3 per cent, ...

  • 2017_GDPP

    UK was the slowest growing economy in the EU in 2017


    The data is in, for UK plc, it is by no means a disaster, the figures are not awful – but it is clear, amongst all the EU countries for which we have data, the UK was the slowest growing economy in the EU last year. In fairness, it should ...

  • USA

    US inflation figures rip into hopes of economic boom


    Deposit Photos The latest figures on US inflation are out, and they add substance to the fears that underpinned recent falls in stock markets - the data may point to a significant change in the US economy. Interest rates are going up, short of something surprising happening, we ...

  • News

    Markets squirm with the return of uncertainty


    It’s been quite the start to the year: with stock markets beginning 2018 as they finished 2017, setting new records, then tumbling, then recovering a little, then falling some more. One underlying driver sits behind it all. Banks create money – it is an aspect of the modern economy that ...

  • News

    Interest rates set to rise faster than expected, so is growth in economy.


    Super Thursday was not that super, but higher interest rates are coming sooner than we thought. One Thursday every three months is super - at least it is if you take an economics perspective of the world. It is the day when the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee (MPC) ...

  • News

    Markets stage slight recovery, was stock market tumble a storm in a very expensive tea cup?


    Recent stock market falls are nothing to be worried about, we are told, normal service is about to be restored, as markets regain their upwards trajectory, but is such a view right? There is at least one good reason to think it isn’t. A narrative has emerged that the falls ...

  • growth_UK_US_Euro

    UK economy lags again


    Deposit Photos At the end of last year, there was good news on the UK economy, which saw a reasonable pick-up in the final quarter. But what happened in January? Did the good news continue? Brace yourself for some shocking news. The story of 2017. In 2016, the story ...

  • News

    Crash, bang, but will markets go wallop or begin another dollop of or good news?


    The latest purchasing managers indexes tracking the US economy are out, and they are good, really good. Yet stock markets tumble. What is going on? Last year, stock markets hit new record highs with such gay abandon that it became tedious. The last few days have been far from that. ...

  • News

    Markets take fright over good news out of the US


    Deposit Photos The latest report on US employment was a humdinger, but stock markets across the world saw their biggest falls in over a year in response.Alan Greenspan, chair at the US Federal Reserve for 19 years, up to 2006, once said that it the job of a central ...

  • marketcap_techs

    Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook: who will win the race to $1 and $2 trillion? The answer may surprise you


    The latest results from Apple, Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba are in. Who will win the race to $1 trillion, who will win the race to $2 trillion? Let's cut to it, here are the latest results from the four companies in the latest quarter, revealed this week: revenue, in ...

  • upanddown

    House prices rise as manufacturing falls


    Deposit Photos UK house prices surged in January, but falling domestic demand led to a fall in manufacturing growth. Drill down and the pound has a lot to do with it. The post Brexit falls in the pound eventually forced UK inflation to rise, meaning that real wages fell. ...

  • News

    More bloomin booming economies


    Another week, another load of economic data - and it’s good, really good As the US President, un-characteristic of him, who is normally shy about pointing to his successes, prepares to wow the Davos glitterati with his boasts about the US economy, the latest data is unequivocal - it is ...

  • castle

    Is that the barbarians or just Uncle Sam assailing the ramparts?


    Image Credit: Bev Dickinson The latest World Economic Forum is in full swing, ‘cooperation in a fractured world’ is the theme, and then the US President creates a huge new fracture - animal spirits are back, the dollar tumbles, US growth is soaring, but is it all irrational exuberance ...

  • vampire_squid

    Vampire squid loses money thanks to stability


    Image credit: Citron / CC-BY-SA-3.0 Goldman Sachs has revealed a $2 billion loss, and part of its problem is that the markets are just to steady. An article in Rolling Stone magazine once said: “The world’s largest investment bank is a giant vampire squid wrapped ...